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Sweet Meadow Farm

October 18th, 2009 · 3 Comments

I posted before about Iron Horse Farm which was my usual place to get eggs.  The only problem with that place is that often if I don’t get there early enough I pull into the driveway to see the note on the fridge saying they’re out of eggs.  Sometimes even when I AM early enough they’re out of eggs.  This happened last time I went there and in my disappointed  mindset starting thinking of where else I might get fresh eggs.  I remembered seeing a farm further down the road that I had never gone to so I went there hoping they had eggs and they were open.
It was about 8am when I got there and no one was around but horses, chickens and a cat:

I went inside the “shop” – no one was in there but the door was open, the lights were on and there was a bunch of stuff  like pet food, drinks, flowers, hay and …eggs!
There was small fridge with a note reading “Farm Fresh Eggs $2.50”, above that was a note on a box asking customers to just leave money for goods in the box.  Perfect!  I got my eggs and the cat who had followed me into the store, went with me to go check out the chickens.

I noticed there was also a goat hanging out with the birds, not sure why but I thought it was funny he kept inching closer when I was taking pictures and you can see him in the background:

I’m glad I checked this place out since it saved me from going to the supermarket and it’s always nice to see the chickens you’re getting your eggs from.
They apparently have much more than just what I saw and you can check out their site here:

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  • 1 s // Oct 20, 2009 at 11:04 am

    They suck to have as neighbors…not nice people.

  • 2 Susie Santone // Oct 20, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    With all you went to see, I think I’m most interested in the cat. His coloring was gorgeous. And he’s obviously well fed. So adorable.

  • 3 CavyMadness // Jun 23, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I can’t imagine chickens being awful to have as neighbors! I have known Sweet Meadow Farm products for over a decade, and Al and Patty have been wonderful and nice. Their barn cat is a handsome boy who is so affectionate and will follow you as you say hi to the chickens, goats, and lamb. It’s a wonderful place to visit and get hay and eggs from!

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